Get The Look: Minimalist & Stylish Living Room With Blush And Gray


From the different shades of pink, when it comes to home decor, blush pink is my favorite. It leaves miles behind rose pink, salmon pink, orchid, fuchsia, hot pink and the other pink shades. Truly, are there fifty shades of pink like gray?

Blush pink would be described as the very pale pink similar to skin color. Despite the fact that it lacks energy and passion according to color theory and color psychology, I like it because it carries sensual connotations, but it also stays subtle. This delicacy makes it easy to be used in home decor and exonerates its obvious feminity. I believe that the eye can tolerate it more than every other of pink and red shade. Here, I combine it with gray color and cement elements because they match so harmonically together like fraternal twins. The items featured in my Polyvore mood board in a random order:

Modern floor lamp

Framed wall art

Branches home decor

NKUKU succulent planter

Gray throw pillow

Bloomingville gray candle

Pink sofa

Black furniture

Redford House Manhattan furniture

My other favorite combination is blush pink and marble. So, stay tuned! Wish you all an easy-going Monday …  xoxo !!!




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