Photos & Notes. Love Is A Temple On A Mystical Beach.

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Photos & Notes: Shoot Something Simple

The truth is that when you are obsessed with photography you want to shoot everything and anytime. Fortunately, my husband has the same passion for analogic photography and my 6 years-old son has an extensive curiosity for everything. So, they understand my madness. And, when mom takes out the eggs from the fridge to make a ham and cheese omelet, they find it usual that she stops everything in order to take a few shots of the eggs first. Of course, these were not just any chicken eggs. They were home-raised by my parents-in-law in their village. They were small, perfectly similar and had a harmonious color degradation. The first was beige, the second light beige, and the third all white. I loved both color and the BW photos for their minimalistic elegance.

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Photo & Notes. Weather And Landscape Photography

Abandonned fishing boat by ioanna papanikolaou S DSC_1279_1969_2005

A few days before a friend uploaded a photo on instagram from my favorite Prespes region only to remind me how differently scapes look not only from season to season, but also from day to day. Weather and light can transform completely the scenery and I think that this is one of the reasons landscape photography is so endlessly. It’s also so inspirational to make series of photos from the same point of view taken in different time and with different weather. The scenes compared would have many things to surprise us!

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Photo & Notes. Your Important Places Contest In Photocrowd.


Your important places” is a photo contest at both crowd and expert voted. It is about showing the important places of our life ; those that bring all our special memories.

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Four Photo Contests To Enter During April 2015

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In the search of photo contests I came across several competition that their submissions close during April. As March ends, I find it useful to gather them in one post in order to keep a track of them. I’m already take part in some of them and I’m going to participate in the rest as soon as possible. I include deadline date and links to submit your work. They have several themes and their entry is either free, or they have a small entry fee

Submit photos showing people standing on an edge. The contest submissions will be judged based on the creativity, originality and in accordance to the contest theme. People’s Choice winners are selected through voting.
Deadline: 5 April 2015
Enter the contest – Official website:

○○○ Spring Contest on

Document nature waking up from a long Winter sleep for our Spring contest. But… all images MUST have been shot on a Nikon digital camera.
Deadline: 11 April 2015
Enter the contest – Official Website:

○○○ Wildlife Competition on Nikon In-Frame

Deadline: 15 April 2015
Enter the contest – Official website:

○○○ Monochrome on Blank Wall Gallery

This competition is organised by the Greek Gallery ‘Blank Wall’ in Athens. The winning photos will be exhibited in the gallery. For more information read here.
Deadline: 23 April 2015

Photo & Notes. Choosing Black And White Photography

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Photographer Paul Outerbridge, well-known for his early use and experiment in color photography, had mentioned the difference between monochromatic and color photography; black and white imply a suggestion, but the color makes a statement. Others, like photographer Robert Frank, had seen in black and white photography symbols like hope and despair, a reflection of real life. In the search of what makes a black and white photo stunning and how to achieve it, these questions are hard to be answered.

I feel that some photos are meant to be black and white for many reasons; because in color they would look very boring and common; because their forms and lines would be lost in a saturated polyphony; because their textures and details would seem insignificant when covered by vibrant hues; because in black and white they evoke the ‘right’ sense and the feelings we want to share with them. 

How to figure out which photo to turn in black and white and which to keep in color, it’s rather a matter of intuition and taste, except the case of being an exclusively black and white photographer. The only thing you can actually control is to make the best when you create a black and white photo. And, the basic guidelines is almost the same in every tutorial and article.

○○○ shoot in raw

I find it more time-consuming. I have my memory cards and my laptop full of raw photos that I have not yet process and published. But shooting in raw is definitely the only way to save the maximum information in every photo; textures, tones, gradients, shadows recovery, more shades of gray and details in highlights are all stored in your RAW file.

○○○ use low iso

How many times I wanted to turn one of my photos in black and white only to discover that the sky or other big surfaces were full of noise, covered with small bright spots everywhere. This is very common in even things that cover a big part of the photo like the sky. A way to avoid grainy appearance is to reduce ISO. ISO 400 and under may give a satisfying result, but keep in mind to adjust shutter speed in order to have sharp images.

○○○ intensity of light matters

In a composition that lacks colors, lightened areas substitute their role; they help us distinguishing objects and areas. Choosing an hour of the day with bright sun would make our monochromatic scene more clear and dramatic because the intensity of light would make the shadows more strong and highlights more bright.

25 Best Black and White Photography Examples and Tips for Beginners on

Chiaroscuro on

Robert Frank on

Ted Grant had written that when you photograph people in colors you photograph their clothes, but when you photograph them in Black and white you photograph their souls. Maybe all the things, not only people, hide something inside them, a kind of a ‘soul’ that is revealed to us by looking their monochromatic capture.