Photos And Notes. A springtime breeze

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Photos & Notes. Love Is A Temple On A Mystical Beach.

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Photos & Notes: Shoot Something Simple

The truth is that when you are obsessed with photography you want to shoot everything and anytime. Fortunately, my husband has the same passion for analogic photography and my 6 years-old son has an extensive curiosity for everything. So, they understand my madness. And, when mom takes out the eggs from the fridge to make a ham and cheese omelet, they find it usual that she stops everything in order to take a few shots of the eggs first. Of course, these were not just any chicken eggs. They were home-raised by my parents-in-law in their village. They were small, perfectly similar and had a harmonious color degradation. The first was beige, the second light beige, and the third all white. I loved both color and the BW photos for their minimalistic elegance.

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Photo & Notes. Weather And Landscape Photography

Abandonned fishing boat by ioanna papanikolaou S DSC_1279_1969_2005

A few days before a friend uploaded a photo on instagram from my favorite Prespes region only to remind me how differently scapes look not only from season to season, but also from day to day. Weather and light can transform completely the scenery and I think that this is one of the reasons landscape photography is so endlessly. It’s also so inspirational to make series of photos from the same point of view taken in different time and with different weather. The scenes compared would have many things to surprise us!

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Photo Diary • Reflections In Photography and Tips

photo by JWP on flickr
Reflections in photography belong to these amazing moments that the subject of a photo is mirrored in a surface and its idle is captured by a camera. They add a surrealistic beauty in our photos and increase their interest. There are many things to consider about a composition with reflections and in most of them our eye decides subconsciously. 


Water element covers a huge chapter of reflection in photography. But, it’s not enough to be near water. As Lao Tzu said,

no one can reflect on streaming water”

And, for clear and vibrant water reflections the weather plays major role. It is essential to choose days and hours without wind to capture natural mirrored effects. Also, clouds on our canvas add more depth and more points of interest in reflected scenery. Except from water, there are many other surfaces to consider, like mirrors, windows, glass, chrome of automobiles, etc. 


It almost happens automatically. When the reflections of a scenery happen on the still waters of a lake, river or sea, we tend to divide the composition in the middle. Half of the photo is for the scene and the other half for its reflection. As Francis Bacon wrote,

there is no excellent beauty 
that has not some strangeness in the proportion“. 

In symmetrical reflections this happens to capture the subject and its idle in whole without cutting the edges.

Clarity And Vibrancy

All the reflections tend to be more blurred and less colored by their nature. In some compositions these characteristics fit harmonically and serve the purpose of the photo. But, in landscape photography usually they need to be enhanced. Post-processing an image and increasing contrast and saturation may give more vivid scenery as long as it is self-limited in natural hues.

I hope you found this short trip at the mirrored surfaces of Prespes Lakes in Greece beautiful and dreamy. Days like these, cloudy, yet sunny and without wind or breeze, transform our steps on the pontoon bridge in a aethereal cloud walking . Nature scenery is just magnificent. Wish you all have a wonderful Friday and weekend !!!


Photo Contest • Summer Landscapes

Summer is only few days far… I don’t want to repeat myself, but I have this feeling that as my years are increased, the time flies faster. Before some posts I wrote about spring contests and first blooming flowers that I’ve photographed and now I’m participating in a contest about summer landscapes. Sometimes I wonder if writing an everyday blog post, it could slow down the time, or the way I perceive it. That’s a thought to consider…

About this week contest, the site celebrates summery nature in a N-Photo-sponsored contest for a chance to be published in the magazine. All images must have been shot on a Nikon digital camera. You can sign up and participate in the contest here:

The competition has both crowd and expert voting. Expert judging by N-team. Winners of the crowd and expert vote will have their images printed in the next issue of N-Photo magazine! Plus winner of the expert vote will get a Lowepro camera bag, and winner of the crowd vote – a bundle of Nikon and Photoshop guides. For more details, you can read

I participate with two photos. The first one is a summer field. Its plants had dried up and had takthis beautiful golden hue that made a great contrast with the blue sky and the white clouds. The second one is from our last year holidays near Neos Marmaras village in Chalkidiki, Greece. The photo was taken in a small beach called “Heaven” (Paradisos). The pine needles had such a vivid green color and so beautiful textures that immediately caught my eyes. The cloudy weather and the waves had matched perfectly with that moment enhancing the wild beauty of the scenery. 

If you like my photos, you can click on them to vote (your votes will be counted only if you sign up). You can also vote for the contest in this link.

Thank you so much for all your support, positive comments and votes. Wish you all a beautiful Thursday !!!