DIY Christmas Paper Star Ornaments

Scrapbooking papers, or old magazines, or some, completely useless or destroyed books, glue and small decorative objects, like little stars or strass. That’s all you need. The images speak for themselves. Perhaps the easiest vintage paper star ornament to decorate the Christmas tree, the mantel, or a wall, to make an impressive paper garland, or a unique gift wrapping. Firstly published at Continue reading DIY Christmas Paper Star Ornaments

DIY Snowy Pine Cones

After years of crafting, I separate DIY projects into three categories: easy and useful, beautiful but so much wasting time, and “so you” in order to be neglected, yet difficult. The previous years I have made many DIY Christmas ornaments and decorations. Some of them have survived, some were donated, but a lot of them didn’t make it. So, this year I decided to spend my time on a project that will be easy, practical and useful. Continue reading “DIY Snowy Pine Cones”