Quotes About Learning To Let Go. Inspired By The Orange Girl (Jostein Gaarder)



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I have a strange relationship with movies. I really love cinema and I enjoy watching movies of different styles and from different cultures and countries. Yet, I like to spend some periods without watching anything in order to reflect on what I have seen before jumping into the next story.

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16 Inspiring Quotes For Being Yourself

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Last week I heard the sad news of Chris Cornell’s death. Chris Cornell was the frontman singer, musician, and songwriter of Soundgarden and Audioslave rock bands and he had participated in many other brilliant projects. He was also one of my favorite singers. There was no way to hear his voice singing and not feel thrilled and be moved. It’s still a pity that talented people like him choose to leave this world with one or another way.

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11 Favorite Motivational Paulo Coelho Quotes To Live By

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Paulo Coelho is one of my favorites authors. I have read almost all of his book and, his best-seller “The Alchemist” more than once. Yesterday, my 6-year-old son declared that he knew all his books by heart and he wanted to hear something different before his sleep. So, he chose randomly a book from my library and it was “The Alchemist“. Fortunately, the beginning of the book doesn’t differ from a fairy tale about a shepherd who wants to travel all over the world with his herd of sheep. After a couple of pages, my son had slept, but this incident reminded me how many beautiful and inspiring quotes has Paulo Coelho.

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