DIY Easy Wire Christmas Wreath

This is not an ordinary Christmas wreath with evergreen leaves and impressive decoration. The inspiration came from an image on Pinterest. It is known to all my blog friends that I love vintage book paper and wire, so it was impossible not to give a try to this lovely unconventional wreath made by simple materials and minimal aesthetic.


aluminum craft wire
craft paper
aluminum foil tape
a star pattern
craft glue
large ribbon


1 • We draw on the paper a star shape and cut. We will need at sixteen paper stars because we will glue them in pairs.
2 • We make a wreath with the wire using three or four wire circles. The wires must be loose each other and not in a perfect circle.
3 • We glue every pair of the stars with the wire between. We try to glue them each time in a different wire in order to make an elemental depth to our wreath and also at a different distance to make it look more artful.
4 • To make it even more impressive, we cut the aluminum foil tape in smaller stars and glue them on the paper stars.
5 • With a wire, I’ve made a small angel and I’ve attached it to the wreath. I shaped an 8 with the wire by turning four times. Then, I continued to make an 8 horizontally for the wings and stabilize it in the middle where the neck would be. In the end, I turned the wire straight up to head and turned it into a small circle four times in order to create the halo.
6 •  Finally, I used a piece of the wide aluminum tape to hang it. I tried several ribbons before, silver or golden, but nothing seemed harmonical. Foil tape is combined perfectly with the whole composition. And, my special Christmas wreath is ready!

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