SeVeN Favorite Links And Articles for Spring

Tulips in the village Art Boards by ARTbyJWP from Redbubble

Pablo Neruda had written that one can cut all the flowers, but he cannot keep the spring from coming. For blogging, please allow me to paraphrase it; no matter how many flower pics we add on our blog, we cannot bring the spring earlier.

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7 Inspiring Quotes For Spring

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Souvenir Art Board by ARTbyJWP from Redbubble


Spring is officially here after the spring equinox of March 21st. And, spring means one thing: flowers, flowers, and flowers. The previous years, many researchers have shown the power of flowers. Both their sight and smell can change our brain chemistry and make us feel more positive. The fresh-cut flowers around the house make us feel less anxiety, and people had more innovative ideas and solutions to problems when flowers were nearby.

For me, spring means more sun, better mood, and endless shooting of blooms and flowers. No matter how many floral close-ups I have in my portfolio, I always find something new, beautiful and intriguing, to photograph that differs from the others.

Today, I gathered my favorite spring quotes for reflection and more inspiration.

I. “You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.

― Pablo Neruda

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My 11 Favorite Greek Words And Their Meaning

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? Image Credit: Pixabay ? One of the things I really love to do is to read and learn new words, even from languages I don’t speak. Words hold the power of their history, their culture, and the way of living and thinking of their people. All we can feel the magic of knowing the right word and the blessing of sharing this knowledge with other people. In this post, I share my eleven favorite Greek words and their meaning. I hope to find them interesting and share your favorite words in the… Continue reading My 11 Favorite Greek Words And Their Meaning

My 15 Fav Jack Kerouac Quotes To Live Your Summer Adventure


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One of my favorite books in my 20’s was “On The Road” by Jack Kerouac. I was charmed by its vigorous will to live the adventure. Here, I gathered my 15 favorite Jack Kerouac quotes to inspire you. They fit so well with our summer mood and our adventurous spirit.


I. “Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don’t be sorry.”

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Quotes About Learning To Let Go. Inspired By The Orange Girl (Jostein Gaarder)



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I have a strange relationship with movies. I really love cinema and I enjoy watching movies of different styles and from different cultures and countries. Yet, I like to spend some periods without watching anything in order to reflect on what I have seen before jumping into the next story.

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16 Inspiring Quotes For Being Yourself

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Last week I heard the sad news of Chris Cornell’s death. Chris Cornell was the frontman singer, musician, and songwriter of Soundgarden and Audioslave rock bands and he had participated in many other brilliant projects. He was also one of my favorite singers. There was no way to hear his voice singing and not feel thrilled and be moved. It’s still a pity that talented people like him choose to leave this world with one or another way.

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