The Winner of The Tote Bag Giveaway And A Surprisingly Touching Post



Do you remember the Tote Bag Giveaway? Before a month, I was glad to organize a Rafflecopter giveaway on my blog (you can read again this post here) with a tote bag from my collection as a prize. Rafflecopter randomly chose the winner and this was dear Kim from


Who is Kim? Kim is a brave blogger and writer from Minnesota sharing her battle with fibromyalgia, a severe chronical illness, through her posts and her book and she is one of the most active readers of my blog. And, the truth is that I read her blog too, although I don’t have any personal experience of this difficult health problem. I read it because her posts are inspirational and thoughtful that could fit in many other everyday situations. They express the strength and the bravery that all we have to show when facing something difficult and unknown. I guess that’s the real magic of blogging, to give the chance of different cultures, worlds, perspectives to share their different views and to benefit each other from this communication.


With all these thoughts, I was feeling really happy to sent her the prize that she selected, a Pineapple tote bag. All went well with the shipping and she really liked her tote. But, the surprise came after that, when I asked her if she could write a short post for her prize in order to confirm the reliability of the contest.  Kim didn’t just agree writing a short typical post. She wrote an amazing and really touching post with the title “What A Style Blog Means To Me, A Woman With A Chronic Disease.” And, with her kind words, she has the sweetness and the generosity to explain why she is reading my blog and many other fantastic things that really moved me when I read them and when I’m thinking of them.


Thank you so much, dear Kim. This post was the best Christmas gift my blog could have. I’m so grateful and humble. You can read more of Kim on her interesting blog,


Screenshot 2017-12-08 11.36.44












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