Tips for Creating the Perfect Summer Party

There’s a reason the saying “hostess with the mostess” exists. Hosting a party is no easy task, and there’s that constant desire to want to be the best. Whether you’re going to be the host or hostess of the next big summer party, we at Home Improvement Leads have a few tips to enhance your party potential. Here are a few ideas to inspire your next big bash!

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Set Your Stage

Directors pay a lot of attention to setting when creating plays and movies. Your task at hand may not have that scope, but setting can certainly play a huge role in hosting an event. Decide one thing first: indoor or outdoor? Outdoor parties are great if you have a patio or porch, a large backyard, a pool, or lawn games. Indoor parties are great for cooking and eating, watching home movies, catching up with pals, and even busting out that old banjo.

Of course, you can create an indoor and outdoor party. Just decide where you want the main entertainment to take place, then make sure you have enough seating and dining space. If you are hosting an outdoor party, purchase a few lawn chairs for an inexpensive solution. Install bug-repellant torches and offer sunscreen to all guests. You can even put it in a cute sand pail near the back door!

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Pick Your Theme

You may already have a theme in mind, but if not, brainstorm a few ideas. Then, be sure to narrow it down a bit. Want to host an end-of-summer bash? That’s a bit broad. How about a Margarita Madness party or an upscale cocktail hour? You can even go for a beachside “staycation” party or a game night. Send out invitations via paper or social media at least two weeks ahead of time, and have fun planning the details!

When it comes to decorations, you may find yourself lost in a sea of discounted outdoor garlands or neon cocktail napkins. Before you buy any decor, pick a color palette to work with. For example, a Margarita Madness party may incorporate a lime green, azul, and strawberry pallette. Beach parties might feature sunny golds, bright corals, and calming blues. Pinterest is a great resource for finding color palettes, and you can even stop by the paint sample section of a home improvement store for inspiration.

After you pick a theme and color palette, you will have a much easier time choosing decor that tells your story!

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Dig In

Now that you have a setting, theme, and invitations, you can plan your menu. Let’s face it; we love to eat at parties. Whether you opt for a light hors-d’oeuvre bar or a BBQ feast, you’ll need to make a master grocery list and give yourself plenty of time to prep those tasty treats. Be sure to consider all elements of the menu, from beverages to main courses, condiments, and desserts.

If you’re setting up a bar, hire a bartender to make drinks, or at least provide all ingredients, garnishes, and drinkware to allow guests to easily pour their own concoctions.

Remember, the most important part of planning any party is to have fun!


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