DIY – Headboard Hacks That Will Make You Rethink Your Bedroom

Guest Post By Ty Schmidt

It happens all the time as I browse the home goods section at TJ Maxx. I spot the perfect set of pillows that would match so well with the clearance bedding set I spotted a couple of aisles back. But really, I don’t need another duvet cover…do I? So begins the inner battle that (more times than not) ends with me ditching the pillows and the bedding before I check out.

But I realized something as I shamelessly hid the pillows in a bin with men’s dress shirts just the other day. More often than not, the roadblock standing between me and a whole new look in my bedroom is a big one. The headboard. It’s an easy way to make a drastic change in the bedroom decor, and it doesn’t have to be expensive—often it can cost less than the price of that clearance bedding set. Here are some of Modernize’s favorite headboard hacks in a few simple, cost-effective steps.

The old door.

Recycle an old door into a modern headboard, with as few steps as adding proper hanging materials and a fresh coat of coordinating paint. Look for them at flea markets, salvage yards, and other places you can find recyclable home goods at a discount.

via Real Simple


The fabric store.

For as little as $15, you too can craft a custom-made headboard using simple materials you can find at any local fabric store. If you’re comfortable spending a bit more on the perfect fabric and thicker matting, that’s up to you, but it is possible to walk out of a fabric store with everything you need to create your new headboard on a dime.

via Lace and Glaze


The shutters.

An antique store might be the place to find something like shutters you can use to create something truly unique. The shape and size offer the potential for mixing it up with a variety of possible configuration options. With the right paint on top of a solid finish, condition isn’t a concern either.

via Samantha Elizabeth


The rustic look.

Free is not a word that commonly used in association with headboards, yet it is possible to use something you receive from friends, family, or complete strangers and make it into something special. Wood pallets or other pieces of wood make a fabulous background with no bigger investment than a bit of elbow grease.

via Homedit


Think outside the board.

Using shapes, letters, a curtain with twinkle lights behind it, or another alternative idea to the traditional headboard is an option sure to give your bedroom a unique feel. Integrate a favorite piece of art, or be creative with something from a hobby or something you feel passionately about.

via Create and Babble



*** This is a guest post written by Ty Schmidt and I really hope you enjoyed itThank you very much, Ty, for these stunning headboard hacks!



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