Guest post. Christmas DIY Ideas with Fun Printable Labels

We all love the holiday season, especially Christmas. And since Christmas is almost here, we are already in the festive mood. Many of us started preparing for the holiday a while ago, decorating the house, getting gifts for friends and family, making plans for the Christmas dinner menu etc. However, there is no need to worry if you still haven’t finalized your preparations. With these fun and multipurpose Christmas printables, there is still enough time to set everything right for memorable and cheerful moments with the loved ones.

Besides making a wreath to decorate the front door, an easy way to dress up every room in the house is to create Christmas ikebanas. Although ikebana is a traditional Japanese floral art, you can certainly create one for this Christmas celebration. You will only need a bowl, a floral frog, a few fir branches or some other plant material, a candle and a Christmas label. Place the floral frog into the bowl and add fir branches and the other plants you’ve chosen for your decoration project. Place the candle in the center of the piece and arrange Christmas labels with some joyful notes written on them among the plants. These beautiful ikebanas will make a perfect ornament for the living room, kitchen or bedroom.

The holiday feast is another important part of Christmas celebration. These Christmas printables will help you label every dish you prepare, so the guests can easily decide what to try. As for the kids, you can think up some funny food names, and transform regular soup into “Magical Christmas soup”, for example.

The Christmas season also provides opportunities for family bonding, and playing fun games is a great way to spend time with your closest ones. One practical idea is to organize a Christmas gift wrap relay. Tell your guests to bring their gifts unwrapped and then organize a race to see who will be the fastest and wrap the gift in the most beautiful way. Just prepare some boxes, scissors, wrapping paper, ribbons and, of course, Christmas labels.

Another interesting idea where labels can be of use is organizing Christmas gift facts exchange. As the gifts arrive, number them and give the person who brought the gift a Christmas label with a corresponding number, so they can write a few known facts about themselves. Throw all labels into a bowl. The game starts with the host drawing a label and reading facts without mentioning the corresponding number. The first person who guesses correctly who the facts about get the present with that number and leave the game. The game ends when there is only one gift left for the host.

Or, if you like the traditional way of preparing gifts for every person in advance, these labels will help you tag the gifts so that every guest gets the right present.

Just download the labels, print them out, and prepare for a fun Christmas. There are still a few more days until the celebration. Merry Christmas!


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