Artist of the Week. An interview with Angela J Wright

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Angela J Wright is the winner of the fifteenth “Artist of the Week XV The Blue Contest” with her wonderful photograph “Golden Tree” and a very talented self-taught photographer, currently living in the Yucca Valley, Calif. Her beautiful portfolio expresses her deep connection with the nature and her boundless, unconventional personal vision. I’m really glad and honoured to present today her inspiring interview and hope to enjoy reading as much as I did!

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By jwp. Would you like to tell us few words about yourself and your winning artwork for introduction. 
Angela. I Hail from the Arizona West desert Blythe California 40 miles to the West. Salome, Arizona 20 miles to the East. My parents owed and operated a restaurant,gas station and lodgings for weary travelers off Hwy 60/70. Before the now 10 Freeway killed all the small businesses in that area. This was the place where the Seed of Photography was Planted in me. My parents were very hard worker’s and not into any type of photo collecting. So I had no contact with cameras. When the Traveler’s would stop by I was So Fascinated By those mysterious boxes that they carried. So I made a spot in my ‘Brain FiLe’ when the time came to remember these boxes from my childhood. When I was 11 years old one of my parents passed. I was then taken to live with relatives in Los Angeles, California. 
      My parents raised me as a free spirit I had choices. I wasn’t just told what to do without reason behind it. I roamed the desert alone with my horse,dogs,cats from a very early age. I wish all children were introduced to the planet in this manner. I found city schools,relatives giving orders etc.was like being confined in a cage! So at 13 years old instead running away to the circus. I ran away to Northern California So I could wear Flowers in My hair! I Had a awesome time exploring places & people! Just putting my thumb in the wind! 
   At 18 years old I met my daughter’s father. He was a Fashion and Red Carpet photographer. So that was my introduction in a way to photography. I say in a way because I never actually touch his camera. Now… I just basked in it Mystery. I Understood Your camera is like your toothbrush! Nobody uses it but YOU! I know that as fact now! I purchased my 1st Mr. NiKoN in My 30’s when film was CooL! I’m happily closing in on 60 years Crazy! Thus the Life-PaTh Photographer was born! 
    ‘Golden Tree’ was so deserving of this awesome honor to me out of all my photographs! She was my 1st night shoot ever! She is a Desert Willow. Not planted, she just moved in! 
By jwp. What do you think that played a significant role to your decision to choose photography as a mean of creation and expose your work? 

Angela: I just held that thought of the ‘Traveler’s’ Mysterious Box’ in my ‘brain files’ for years. At 30 years old I became a Radiologic Technologist. I joined the UCLA Medical Center in Westwood, California. Money was plentiful so I began to study everything photography over and over alone. In between cases, anytime I had was spent reading photography books. 
      My most beloved mentor who really seem to be a very humble guy was the author/photographer Mr. John Shaw. His book ‘Nature Photography Field Guide’ was my Bible! He made learning the principles of how things work in photography simple where as a lot of others I read just made photography like a difficult dreaded math problem ugh.. 
     The Joy of Photography by Eastman Kodak Editors was also very helpful to me. 

By jwp. Which things you enjoy to photograph most and why? 

Angela. I live in the High Desert California about 10 miles from Joshua Tree National Park. The Terrain is like no other! Simply astounding! So every day is like waking up in photographers Disneyland! 
    I’m a tad embarassed to admit I have so much beauty in my own neighborhood that in my 15 years of living in the High Desert I’ve yet to visit Joshua Tree National Park.  
      I used to do mainly day photography. A few years ago I was out in the day with a friend. For some reason I told him tonight will be spectacular for night photography. It was something I just felt about the way the clouds were sitting and their texture. I had never in my life took a night picture before that night. Just maybe a few shots of the moon. 
   Boy! I Discovered a Entire New Beautiful Night World! I love going out at night shooting. There is a quality of calmness almost like the world stands still at night. And, Time is no longer a factor of life. I just become one with all my animal neighbors and Mother Earth! 
    It’s amazing the amount of people I’ve met that didn’t know you could actually take spectacular photographs at night! And, at one time that included myself lol. 

By jwp. Are there any photographers and artists the that influenced you? How do you believe this is reflected on your work? 
Angela: I hope not to sound arrogant. I appreciate and respect all my fellow artists gift of creating beautiful visions. In my world that is what I feel makes you who you are as an artist! Your Personal Vision! Not to trash photography schools but for myself I’m so happy I didn’t travel that path. I feel my art is totally pure. My Own Personal Vision! A Vision Free of any type of imprinting from any outside source of how someone else has decided things should be! 

By jwp. There are so many photographs and artworks on the internet nowadays. How do you think that your work differs from the rest artists? 

Angela. I feel my art has a rawness to it sometimes due to me making my own rules and no formal training as to how it should be. When I pronounce it Art! It Be Art! 
    I’m a perfectionist in all areas of my life so ‘ArT’ Don’t Come Easily in Mi Casa! lol I Always say Thank God! I’m Not a Painter! I’d be an arsonist of my own work! At least with digital you can revisit it when your sanity returns. An where ugly once lived beauty usually has returned! 
By jwp. Is there any message or idea you want to share through your art? Can you describe it in few words. 

Angela. I just want my art to make people smile and think. To Help them to see that we LIVE ON A PLANET! Not in a Planet! I want my art to speak….Slow down! Take the time to look around an appreciate what a miracle we exist on! 

By jwp. How would you characterize your activity in online communities like FAA or social media networks? Does it play important role in your sales? 

Angela. Always heavy activity for me! Sales are evolving slowly….for years I refuse to ever sell any art. I just loved to indulge in my passion! But due to the heavy handedness of people who enjoyed my art on Facebook! I Caved because I have a very hard time with putting a price on my work! So I decided the only way to have ‘PEACE’ was to join an online gallery. Let them do the what I would call the’ dirty work’. lol 
     I still share all my work on Fb and now on Google+ and I Love to Pin when the spirit hits me. 
By jwp. What motivates you to continue taking pictures? 

Angela. My Fellow Crazy Planet Dweller’s aka Peoples! 

By jwp. Can art change someone’s life in a better way? Would you like to give an example? 

Angela. Of Coarse! Most people think of photography as! To me if you are really into your art it becomes a mental spiritual check of are you living right?? To yourself and others? 
    I feel artist spend a hell of lot of time inside themselves doing a lot of personal inventory. Which it is awesome getting to know yourself! Who knew! Most folks go through life just going…going..!!! Never to say hello or really meet the person in the mirror. 
   And, I know personally in the photography world especially in my home terrain the desert.. The body actions needed to achieve certain. ‘Personal Visions’ shapes a body as good as any gym! 

By jwp. What is the best advice you ever heard for your work or your life as an artist. 

Angela. I’m always open to any thoughts, but I feel the folks in my world have never gave me any advice, because they just are like let the girl do her thing! Most people I know consider me as a ‘rebel’ in a positive way! 

Thank you very much Angela for this very interesting interview. You can find and follow Angela J Wright and her unique work in her site:

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  1. Καταπληκτική φωτογράφος!!Υπέροχη η δουλειά της!!Πολύ καλή καί η παρουσίαση σου Ιωάννα!!Καλό απόγευμα!Φιλάκια!!


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