Artist of the Week. An interview with the fine artist Ernie Echols

Ernie Echols is a very talented fine artist, currently living in Colorado. His stunning portfolio is inspired by the beautiful nature and wildlife; it expresses his adventurous attempt to capture wonderful scenes, amazing colors and unique expressions in the faces of wildlife. Ernie has also developed a unique style of digital painting with beautiful strokes and textures that immediately catch the viewers’ attention. Today, I’m happy to present his interesting interview and his award-winning work “Reflection” in the “Artist of the week XII Reflection” contest.

FAWbyJWP. Would you like to tell us few words about yourself and your winning artwork?

Ernie. I live in the beautiful state of Colorado and love to get outdoors. My winning Artwork was taken at the 2013 Colorado balloon classic in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I saw the Balloon rising and loved the look of the reflection of the balloon in the water.

Photography Prints

FAWbyJWP. What do you think that played a significant role to your decision to choose photography as a mean of creation and expose your work? 

Ernie. Someone loaned me a camera to take caving with me they and others liked the pics so much that they let me use the camera for other things. I really enjoyed making people smile with the captures of things they couldn’’t get out and see for themselves. I was hooked.

FAWbyJWP. Which things you enjoy to photograph most and why? 

Ernie. I really enjoy capturing some sort of expression in animals faces that will make you say I wonder what it was thinking about and to get your imagination to run away.

FAWbyJWP. Are there any photographers and artists that influenced you? How do you believe this is reflected on your work? 

Ernie. Not in the beginning, but as time goes by and the more I look at other artists work I become more inspired to capture and create more work.

FAWbyJWP. There are so many photographs and artworks on the internet nowadays. How do you think that your work differs from the other artists?

Ernie. I have had others tell me that my work puts a smile on their face and that is to me what it is all about.

FAWbyJWP. Is there any message or idea you want to share through your art? Can you describe it in few words?

Ernie. There is a lot of beauty to be found and seen in this world we live in. I just enjoy getting out and capturing it to share with those that can’t.

FAWbyJWP. What motivates you to continue taking pictures?

Ernie. Capturing something that will make others smile or bring back a special memory.

FAWbyJWP. What is the best advice you ever heard for your work or your life as an artist?

Ernie. Just keep creating what makes you happy.

Thank you so much, Ernie, for this very interesting interview. You can find and follow Ernie Echols and his stunning work on his site,

6 thoughts on “Artist of the Week. An interview with the fine artist Ernie Echols

  1. Καλημέρα Ιωάννα μου!!Τί φοβερή η αντανάκλαση μέ τό αεροστάτο!!Η φωτογραφική δουλειά τού Ernie,καταπληκτική!
    Μού αρέσουν πολύ τά θέματά του!!Μπράβο καί γιά αυτήν τήν όμορφη παρουσίαση!!Φιλάκια!!


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