then still belongs to you

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camelia faded

“So if decline to accept your abuse, does it not then still belongs to you?” Buddha

You think you are a positive person, even though inside you there is a critical voice that you always try to mute. You try to act gently and with understanding. You want to flow like water in this world, not to battle without a significant reason, not to see everywhere competetitors or enemies. You think yourself as a happy person. 

And, then one day in your job someone finds you inadequate. A friend criticizes you about your choices. A spout complaints harshly for things that you supposed to have made wrong, although you believe it’s his fault. A stranger push you rudely to pass before you. And, someone makes a not so kind comment on your blog without any reason. You are confused and sad and confused again. Where did all your happiness go? Are you just a naive who turns a blind eye?

Then, you read this very inspirational story about Buddha and a man that he wanted to insult him. After listening the abuses from the angry man, Buddha asked him if someone offers a gift to another person and this person declines it, to whom the gift will belong to. The offender answered that the gift still belongs to the giver. “So I decline the gift of abuse back to you. It’s all yours,” the Buddha said. 

The easier thing is to reflect negative situations, words, and feelings of others inside us; let us upset and think they’re ours. But there is always a choice: to accept or to decline, to be upset or stay calm, to be filled by negativity or to stay on the positive side.