Valentine’s Day: Talking About Freedom And love

Whether you are a Valentine fan or an Anti-Valentine type of person…

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Valentine’s Day With Creativebug

Here’s an older Valentine’s day “cookie”…

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Fall In Love With Creativity And Creativebug

Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love. But, in my opinion, it’s not “conditio sine qua non” to feel in love with a person in order to be affected by St. Valentine. You can feel in love with your life, your work, your best friends, your pet, your creations, your music, or with whatever else you have this gut feeling.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Red

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Valentine’s Day: Talking About Freedom And love

Freedom and love go together“.

Jidda Krishnamurti

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Doodle Heart For Valentine’s Day


Happy month! Happy February! Although I’m not so the Valentine type, all these hearts that filled the blogs I follow, put me in the mood! To frame a heart is a project full of possibilities, using any available material. I liked every project I saw, from a plain, one-colored heart on a white sheet to a wooden heart composition with pallets. 
Yet, somehow doodling haunted my inspiration. 

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