Six Decoration Ideas With Pebbles

Pebbles are always about zen; a simple yet clear way of life focused on the important elements of our existence. Rock gardens in Japan express calmness and grounded energy and serve the purpose of meditation. And, in Chinese culture, they symbolize longevity because they are tough and stay unchanged through time. For me, pebbles also express my love for the sea and everything coastal. That’s why I choose them to make my mixed media creations and photograph them a lot. Here, it’s an inspirational board about pebbles and how to include them in our home decoration with easiness.



Featured Items

  1. Simons Maison Decorative pebble votive candles  |
  2. Wall clock   |
  3. Jewelry gift set   |
  4. DIY pebble hangers   |
  5. Pacific Accents battery operated candle   |
  6. Normann Copenhagen wall hook   |
  7. Pebble art  |



Six Decoration Ideas With Pebbles
Collage by ARTbyJWP via Polyvore






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