The Next Day Without Polyvore

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It was Thursday before Greek Easter (four days after Catholic Easter) when I realized that my Polyvore page didn’t function and in its place, a shop called Ssense was appearing. My first thought… Polyvore was under the attack of hackers. What else? Only when I started searching on Google for it, I was informed that the Canadian fashion retailer Ssense had acquired it under Oath, the parent company of Yahoo, the Huffington Post, and Tumblr and Polyvore was closed.


As a Polyvore member for more than three years, after the first shock, I feel that the bitter thing in this story is that no one sent us one previous notification about it. One day the platform was gone and with it, more than 1400 creative collages (mood boards) that I’ve made through the last three years, more than 108.000 followers that I had on this account and I don’t know how many items that I clipped.


There is an online petition to “bring back Polyvore” that quickly cleared its targets of 5,000 and 15,000 signatures and now the goal is extended is 25,000 signatures. This morning that I signed, more than 15,300 people had added their names to the appeal. I signed with no hope that Polyvore will return. The previous days a statement sent to Racked and posted on Ssense’s Instagram, the company said that it won’t be able to resurrect Polyvore. Despite this fact, I signed this petition in order to express my dissatisfaction and my disapproval for these practices. You can’t gather personal information for years only to shut down the platform in one day without a previous notification.


Fortunately, the Polyvore community will have access to download their content from their respective official profile by visiting until May 15, 2018. After that date, the apps will no longer be supported. I’ve already done it and I hope others did the same.


What’s next?


Now that Polyvore is gone, it is a chance to see what other apps exist. From my little experience with other apps, no one is like Polyvore in functionality, smoothness, and range of products. But, I guess that either “Polyvore was built in a day” and I’m an optimist. All these thousands Polyvore members that sign up in other apps, they are surely a reason for these platforms to optimize new member’s experience.


Urstyle gives Polyvore members the chance to upload their old Polyvore sets (without their links to the products). I’ve already made an account here: And, in I started finding many of my Polyvore friends. Did you try any similar app? Let me know what you think in the comments.


Have a beautiful day… xoxo!!!






7 thoughts on “The Next Day Without Polyvore

  1. Wow. I received a notification from Polyvore, just that it was no longer operational. It seemed quick to me, no warning… so I assumed that I’d just follow wherever you were ‘switched’ to… (the site) and continue on. I had no idea there was no warning. I so hope you can collect your boards, Joanna! What a rotten thing to happen. ~Kim

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  2. It’s a shame such a great platform has shut down. What other alternatives are out there? I am using Intelistyle for outfit ideas, but how to create your own sets?

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