My Top Ten Sold Society6 Items For April 2017


Grateful, thankful, and so humbled… I have written it before. A huge thank you to all those who have chosen my artworks and designs for their home and this month!!!

I would say it is not easy and it needs devotion and time. Yet, I keep saying to myself, “Don’t quit! … This is the D R E A M !” And, it couldn’t become true without this warm support and trust and, of course, without Society6. Thank you all so much!!!

Here, I gathered my top ten sold Society6 art prints and home accessories for April.

  1. Arrow Monochrome Bath Mat
  2. Cactus On Pink Art Print
  3. Aqua Blue vs Old Weathered Wood Throw Pillow
  4. Gold & Pink Geometry Pillow Shams
  5. Rosa Nostalgia Wall Tapestry
  6. Cactus On Pink Wall Tapestry
  7. Peacock Details iPhone Case
  8. Blossoms Monochrome Bath Mat
  9. Marble Black White Comforters
  10. Arrows Monochrome Collage Hand & Bath Towels


Wish you all a beautiful day … xoxo!!!



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