Living room • Petrol

Petrol, this greyish blue colour, tinted with green, seems to be another comfy choice for the sofa. Not too dark or too light; this blue shade is combined easily and matches almost with everything. Here, a living room suggestion with a petrol sofa and retro mood. Wish you all a beautiful new week … xo xo!!! Jo_

Living room • Petrol

Possini Euro Design black chandelier
€265 –

Artisan Weaver blue throw pillow
€37 –

Henry Dean glass vase
€44 –

Nearly Natural floral decor
€39 –

Flower stem
€34 –

PyroPet black candle
€24 –

LSA International blue candle
€22 –

CB2 vase
€22 –

Throw pillow
€18 –

Glass candle holder
€11 –

Walnut coffee table
€205 –


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