10 Low light & low maintenance plants for office desk

Indoor plants are always a question for many of us because we don’t have the time to care them properly in order to grow happily in our space. This becomes even more difficult if our space lacks light generally or some hours of the day.

I have this issue on my home desk and I haven’t found a solution yet. In my unsuccessful list of office desk plants, there was one little dracaena marginal, a Crassula ovate, a bonsai ficus ginseng, a small succulent plant, and my last attempt, a small tree with pink flowers that I can’t remember its name. Now that I count them, it sounds a little weird… Yet, most of these plants, when they started “feeling” uncomfortable in my desk, they were moved out in our balcony and there they “lived happily ever after” … !!! Here, I gathered ten low light and low maintenance plants for your office desk. My next attempt I think that it would be a spider plant. And, of course, there is always the solution to buy one nearly natural plant if you don’t want plants inside your home, anyway.


 1. Spider plant.

Water moderately and keep its soil moist. Fertilize once a month.



2. Striped dracaena.

Water moderately. Don’t fertilize it in fall and winter.



3. Tillandsia.

Use a soaking mist once a month, or once a week during summer.



4. Aglaonema (Chinese Evergreen).

Allow the soil to almost dry among waterings.



5. Golden pothos.

Water moderately and lightly around the pot.



6. Succulent.

Let the soil dry thoroughly between waterings. Put them near the window for some hours to get extra light.



7. Peace lily.

Water adequately when the soil is dry. Don’t let it damp.



8. Bromeliads.

Water when the top two inches of the soil is tough and dry, not often. Fertilize rarely.



9. Snake plant (Sansevieria).

Water when the pot surface is t0ugh and dry. Water very little in the winter.or in cold temperatures. Fertilize in spring.



10. Jade plant.

Water when the top of the soil is tough and dry, not often. Fertilize twice a year, spring and autumn.




10 Low light & low maintenance plants for office desk
home set via polyvore






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