Fmtech Award Very Nice Blog

I want to thank so much the “Folate di vento caldo” blog for the “Fmtech Award Very Nice Blog“. I feel really flattered and I highly appreciate it. My blog here in WordPress is quite new and I’m happy to find interesting blogs and art and design lovers, like Folatediventocaldo and time2lifestyle. Information about Fmetch award you can find here.


Now, it’s my turn to nominate the next ten blogs, which give extra care to their style, design, and content according to Fmetch award.

1 • Dirty chic diary. Fashion, style, impressions, reviews, everyday life by a very talented and wonderful jewelry designer, Maria. I really love reading her posts! Very stylish!

2 • Canim Nim. Unique style, artful, pop, avant-garde. Her blog is about outfits, reviews, daily life. I’m always curious to read her posts.

3 • The Fashionista Cook. Fashion and cooking. Surely both have passionate fans. This blog is all about interesting recipes and beautiful fashion proposals.

4 • Fashionimo. A fashion blog with beautiful fresh outfits and strong personal style.

5 • Edesignhome.  Here you can find quality articles and photos about design, style, architecture and hotels.

6 • #selflove | Staying Positive. Positive thoughts, psychology, self-motivation. Vivid personal writing in order to feel better and become stronger.

7 •  Je suis fou fou. Fashion, inspirational boards, Polyvore outfits, a lot of stylish items to discover.

8 • French Trends. Lifestyle, fashion, culture, food. A very interesting blog and magazine that I’m reading from the beginning of my journey here in WordPress.

9 •  Got Me Wrapped Up. Cute outfits, lovely photos and product reviews. In this blog, Ana presents her styling choices with love and sincerity.

10 • Recklessly Fair by Sofia Oliveira. This is blog is one of latest discoveries. I really like Sofia’s fresh style and photos.

I know time is precious for all of us and I totally understand those who can’t continue the nominations. Despite my restricted programme, I did it to honour my new friends here in WordPress because their blogs are truly deserved to be nominated and mentioned. You can continue, or not, to do so, according to your feelings and time… Thank you all and wish a beautiful Wednesday … xo xo!!!


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