Pumpkins In Autumnal Home Decoration

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About Pumpkins...

Pumpkins are surely the ultimate star of October home decoration and cuisine. In the previous weeks, we saw gorgeous DIY transformations of pumpkins by Christina in ‘Art, Decoration and Crafting, an amazing DIY fabric pumpkin by Aleka in ‘Aleka Craftholic’, amazing pumpkin cakes ideas in “Swanocean” by Maria and a yummy recipe for a sweet pumpkin pie by Vasso D in “i-messy” blog. One can make so many things with pumpkins…?!!! Here some more decorating ideas for our home and garden, look into all different styles, colors and materials:

♦ Pumpkins made by wood & fabric.

pumpkins in wood & fabric

♦ Glittering pumpkins.

Easy way to add a lot of sparkle and glamour in your home and your Fall tabletop. 

pumpkins glitter

♦ Pumkins neutral.

For an exceptional and conemporary outcome, colors like black, blue, zebra-like pattern can make a big and impressive difference in your space.
pumpkins neutrals

♦ White and gorgeous.

Choosing white for a harmonious and chic result. Except from the white pumpkins, there are many pumpkin’s inspired dining items.

pumpkins in white

♦ External decoration all natural 

But, even in their natural color and surface, pumpkins have such a big variety to choose from the classic orange, yellow and green to the beautiful white and beige. For the luckiest with gardens and yards, they can be combined with the seasonal blossoms and create wonderful autumnal scenes.  

photo by kapa65 on pixabay

photo by huskyherz on pixabay

photo by Huskyherz on pixabay

photo by barloon on pixabay

photo by cocoparisienne on pixabay

Whatever style, color, or material we choose for the interion or the exterior of our home, one is sure … our decoration will be definitely gorgeous and so autumnal!!! Wish you have a beautiful and easy-going week!!!

9 thoughts on “Pumpkins In Autumnal Home Decoration

  1. Κολοκύθες κάθε λογής για όλα τα γούστα! Τόσες πολλές ιδέες συγκεντρωμένες… υπέροχη ανάρτηση!!! Ευχαριστώ πολύ για την αναφορά Ιωάννα μου και καλή εβδομάδα…Φιλιά!


  2. Πολύ ωραίες οι ιδέες σου για τις κολοκύθες Ιωάννα!! Αν έπρεπε να διαλέξω θα προτιμούσα αυτές που έχεις στη φωτογραφία wood and fabric!! Country style… my style!! Καλή εβδομάδα!!


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