The story behind: "Running against the wind" by Janice Rae Pariza

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Sell Art OnlineJanice Rae Pariza is a professional photographer and a self-taught painter from Ohio. After her retirement from Military and her position as Still Photographer for the Air Force Dignities, she has recently reincarnated her creative atmosphere between her loves, Oil Painting and Photography. She currently lives and creates in Montrose of Colorado near the scenery and wildlife; this beautiful environment has created a new dimension of paintings and drawings. 

Today, I’m happy to present her fabulous work “Running against the wind” and the story behind its creation. Creativity and art is not only about working in the perfect environment and conditions, it’s also about surpassing difficulties and obstacles of every kind like in real life. A mistake or a bad incidence could always give a great piece of creation. 

I was asked to plein air paint during the Summer in one of our Towns Thursday evening’s ‘Main In Motion’, Janice tell us as she talks about her artwork. “I was thrilled and of course I accepted.”  

Janice is a Vegan and very active in Animal rights and Rescue. She also works with a local Horse Therapy group and all these played an important role in the selection of the topic. 

There are so many Artist’s in this Colorado territory that I decided to paint Horses vs. a scene I was looking at. This is what my subject would be!”, she says. “I stood next to a very successful and admired local artist and thought my nerves would get the best of me. I love bold colors, I love painting with them. My painting was 3/4 finished when I heard someone scream… I looked up in time to see the enormous black cloud and hear the wind roaring. As I looked up, I felt my table shake. Yes, my wet canvas had fallen onto my generously piled colors on my palette. As I lifted my canvas off the still wet and as I said, amply distributed Acrylics… I wanted to cry… Instead, I saw an opportunity for a title and a perfect finish I could be proud of. Thus, my ‘Running Against The Wind‘ title and abstract ending of a race in life that does not always finish without getting messy first!”

Thank you very much Janice for presenting your beautiful artwork and sharing its interesting story. You can find Janice Rae Pariza and her wonderful work in her site: 

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