Travel Stories. St. Achilles Floating Bridge Connect What Is Apart

Each bridge has its own, unique story that always starts with a dream; to connect what is separated; to communicate two lands in distance. In this isolated place of greek borders, where the two lakes of Prespa lie, there’s the small islet of St. Achilleios.

Until 2001 its few inhabitants, and among them small pupils, were using wooden fishing boats more than twice a day, to go to the main land. In the winter, they were crossing over the frozen lake on foot, despite the danger.

And, one day a little girl wrote a letter, and her wish for a bridge was heard. After a while a 650m. floating bridge were made in harmony and with respect to the environmental features of the protected National Park of Prespes.

Now, residents and tourists enjoy conveniently the beauty and the uniqueness of this landscape and the rare species of birds that hosts, crossing over this bridge.

Photography & Text: ARTbyJWP © All Rights Reserved

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8 thoughts on “Travel Stories. St. Achilles Floating Bridge Connect What Is Apart

  1. Εξαιρετική η λήψη σου Ιωάννα!Είχα διαβάσει τήν ιστορία αυτής τής γέφυρας!Είσαι τυχερή πού τήν είδες από κοντά!!Καλό Σ/Κ!!Φιλάκια!!


  2. Σ'ευχαριστώ πολύ Dimi μου !!! Ο σύζυγος μεγάλωσε στην περιοχή των Πρεσπών και έχει δει από κοντά όλες τις δυσκολίες των χωριών αυτών !!! Καλό σου βράδυ και καλό υπόλοιπο Σ/Κ!!!


  3. Κι εγώ δεν την ήξερα Κική ! Την έμαθα χρόνια αργότερα από τον σύζυγο! Καλό σου βράδυ και χαιρετισμούς στην αγαπημένη μου Ζάκυνθο !!!


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