DIY A Shadow Box Frame

Shadow boxes are definitely an addiction. Once you make the first, the only you think is when to start the next one. I really love them because they can host any kind of art, from oil paintings and mixed media to posters, or impressive collecting items. And, they really make everything look unique and precious. You can easily transform any deep frame to shadow box. Ikea Ribba frames are ideal for this project. You will need:
•• a deep photo frame
•• white cardboard lines
•• thick double sided adhesive tape
•• scissors
•• hot silicone glue

1 ♦ Measure the leght of every side and cut the adhesive tape and the cardboard in equivalent lines for every side.
2 ♦ Put first the adhesive tape along the inner sides of the frame and then glue the cardboard lines above it. Thus, it’s created a free interior space from back side to front glass.
3 ♦ Put your art piece inside. You can use double sided tape to hold it in the right position if it’s 3D.
4 ♦ If you don’t want to put extra clips to hold the back side of the frame, just glue it with hot silicine glue. 



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