DIY Easy Space Divider

This is my first published DIY project and the excuse I was searching to start blogging!

This is the space divider I’ve made with a very easy and affordable way.



  • a square wooden wall trellis
  • a saw or jigsaw
  • binding wire or rope
  • wire cutter or scissors
  • long dried plant parts



  1. Firstly, we cut the wooden wall trellis in three equal pieces, using a saw or a jigsaw.
  2. Then, we bind the first piece with the second and the second with the third, using thin wire or rope. I found it easier to bind the pieces with wire. I’ve tried to screw or nail hinges, but it was impossible due to the quality of the wood.
  3. In the end, we pass the dried plant parts, one after another, though the frames, to cover completely the trellis, like knitting. And, our space divider is ready!
Hugs and kisses…


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