Spring Trend: Under $20 Jumpsuits For This Season

Jumpsuits continue to stay on trend this spring and I feel that they are one of the easiest pieces to wear and combine. The same jumpsuit can easily be transformed from casual to chic only by the way you will style it. Do you want a day street style? Choose denim jacket, flat shoes, and a comfy handbag. Do you need a chic night outfit? Bring out your high heels and your favorite clutch and combine them with a stylish blazer. And, the truth is you don’t have to invest much in jumpsuits. In this post, you will find some of my favorite jumpsuit selections for this season.

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11 Useful Articles For Your Spring Capsule Wardrobe

One of the things I believe is difficult to do nowadays is to define how many clothes and what kind of clothes we need in our closet.The common thing I hear from my friends is that despite the full of clothes closets, they have nothing to wear.  I would call it as the syndrome of the collector. We can’t leave the clothes that no longer fit us, literally and metaphorically, but also we can’t stop buying new. It is remarkable to read that we now own 120 clothes when in the decade of 1930 women had in average 36 clothes. I would say that my closet surely has 100 clothes or more and I usually wear less than 50 of them.

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