SeVeN • My weekly review of favorite links and articles 03.02


Happy March! Happy Spring! Happy Monday and a happy week! After two days without the internet connection and an amazing weekend in the spa of Loutra Pozar, we are back to routine again. The truth is that we visit this gifted place every year. Instead of Sunday, my SeVeN favorite links and articles are posted today, but as they say “better now than never”.

I. Lost in life? People who took an indirect path to success by Anna Vital on

SeVeN • My Weekly Review of Favorite Links and Articles


Life goes fast everywhere… I hardly manage to read, see or think something and the next moment something else pops up. So much information and so little time rethink it!

SeveN” is my new way to keep a track of things that I read or see during the week and worth sharing. It’s Sunday after all, recharging and relaxing, at least most of the time! What is better than a Sunday morning cup of coffee and an interesting article?

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