Living Room – Pink

Dusty pink is one of my favorite colors for home decor and I always return to it when I’m making collages. It gives a sweet serenity in the space. Here, a Polyvore collage for the living room with Scandinavian style.

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Living Room • Yellow Sofa

Choosing a bright sofa doesn’t mean always white. Recently, I found beautiful sofas in various yellow shades and I discovered that saffron and lemonade yellow is my favourite. Here is an example of how to style a living room with a saffron yellow sofa and black and white decorative items.

living room

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Living Room • White ft Aqua-blue

Aqua blue with white is a combination that expresses freshness and clearness wherever is applied. It’s not a coincidence that it is used broadly to the bathroom’s decoration. Today’s decorating ideas for the living room are enhanced by the need for a creative and artful space with a playful, but also charming, style. I hope you will find interesting its shabby chic mood! Wish you all a beautiful Friday … xo xo!!! Jo_

living room

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