Photo Diary • Reflections In Photography and Tips

photo by JWP on flickr Reflections in photography belong to these amazing moments that the subject of a photo is mirrored in a surface and its idle is captured by a camera. They add a surrealistic beauty in our photos and increase their interest. There are many things to consider about a composition with reflections and in most of them our eye decides subconsciously.  Element  Water element covers a huge chapter of reflection in photography. But, it’s not enough to be near water. As Lao Tzu said, “no one can reflect on streaming water”.  And, for clear and vibrant water … Continue reading Photo Diary • Reflections In Photography and Tips

Photo Contest • Summer Landscapes

Summer is only few days far… I don’t want to repeat myself, but I have this feeling that as my years are increased, the time flies faster. Before some posts I wrote about spring contests and first blooming flowers that I’ve photographed and now I’m participating in a contest about summer landscapes. Sometimes I wonder if writing an everyday blog post, it could slow down the time, or the way I perceive it. That’s a thought to consider… © ioanna papanikolaou About this week contest, the site celebrates summery nature in a N-Photo-sponsored contest for a chance to be published … Continue reading Photo Contest • Summer Landscapes

Twelve Free E-books for Street Photography

Street photography is one of my favourite photography fields although I don’t do much. But, I always find it inspirational and striking to watch these photos, no matter if they capture current moments from cities all around the world or scenes of the past, like Vivian Maier’s black and white portfolio.  Instant by Papanikolaou Joanna on 500px When we talk about street photography, we suppose that it is about photos that we take on streets. But, the truth is that we don’t need a street or even urban environment to consider a photo as a street photograph. The idea is … Continue reading Twelve Free E-books for Street Photography

Photo Diary 128/365 • Blur Background Of A Photo And How To Achieve It

Follow me on Facebook • Google+ • Bloglovin’ Recently another photo contest at had ended (Wet Surfaces photo contest) and my photo “Rosa canina” had been ranked in the top 10% most voted.  Rosa Canina Hips Close-up by Papanikolaou Joanna on 500px The challenge in this photo and the challenge in every close-up and portrait is to isolate the subject by achieving a beautiful blur background. Background has its own importance and can define the quality of the photo; if it is a snapshot or not. In this photo if the depth of field was large and all the background was clearly seen no one could appreciate … Continue reading Photo Diary 128/365 • Blur Background Of A Photo And How To Achieve It

Photo Contest • Fifth Annual EXPOSURE Photography Award

Follow me on Facebook • Google+ • Bloglovin’ Three days are left for the early entry deadline of the Fifth Annual Exposure Photography Award, the world’s largest celebration of photography.EXPOSURE is a photography award and a global celebration of the image, premiering July 13th at the Louvre Museum in Paris with submissions from 191 different nations over the past five years. The photography submitted to exposure has been seen by over three millions viewers.You can submit your photos and find more information about the contest in this link:  © ioanna papanikolaou I already participate with five photos from the street life in the waterfront of … Continue reading Photo Contest • Fifth Annual EXPOSURE Photography Award

Photo Diary 107/365 • Drawing With Light [Photo + graphy]

Follow me on Facebook • Google+ • Bloglovin’ To the photographer, all the world is a stage dramatized by the light; this phrase was written by the stage photographer George Karger in the introduction of an article about the light and stage photography in the Popular Photography – ND magazine (March 1944, p.31).  Eclectic Sunset by ioanna papanikolaou by Papanikolaou Joanna on 500px And, despite the seventy years that separate us from then, the truth of this sentence hasn’t changed at all. Every day new photos continue experimenting with the light like enlightened newbies, using the cosmic flood of sun rays to capture their interpretation of a scene with an image. … Continue reading Photo Diary 107/365 • Drawing With Light [Photo + graphy]