Photos & Notes. Love Is A Temple On A Mystical Beach.

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New Society6 Get Cozy Up Sale + Free Woldwide Shipping

I have written again that Society6 is one of my favorite places to share the prints of my photography and artworks. Not only it offers high-quality art prints and other cool products, but Society6 also makes huge sales frequently and it combines them with free worldwide shipping that is so amazing.

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Three of my photos in the Top 25% Most Voted

© ioanna papanikolaou Flowers are a very common subject in photography and there are plenty of them everywhere. Every species, every color, every angle is well covered by many wonderful captures and portfolios. Yet, when you hold a camera and meet a beautiful blossom, it is almost inevitable to photograph it. You want to keep in file this moment of unrepeatable freshness and ephemeral beauty.  Another issue is to choose the right photos to submit in a contest. I always find it so difficult to choose, which is more appropriate to the theme and has more chances to win a good rank. … Continue reading Three of my photos in the Top 25% Most Voted

Photo Diary. No two snowflakes are alike

Follow me on Facebook • Google+ • Bloglovin’ All are based on the simple shape of hexagon, but no two snowflakes are alike. They carry the secret of uniqueness, like all the living creatures. Structure follows the same principles, but everyone is different. As the snowflakes move through different temperature and humidity, they take complex forms and aggregations of ice crystals.  No two snoflakes are alike by Papanikolaou Joanna on 500px From 1885 Wilson Alwyn Bentley spent his life photographing the beauty of thousand snowflakes with the microscope in standing macros in order to find two identical flakes. Eventually, in 1988 Nancy Knight found two … Continue reading Photo Diary. No two snowflakes are alike

one lake for Orestes

Follow me on Facebook • Google+ • Bloglovin’orestiada lake, kastoria When I read for the first time that the lake in Kastoria city is called Orestiada, I was surprised. I was wondering what common a lake in North-western Greece can have with a city in North-eastern Greece, in the region of Thraki, near the borders. Reading further about the etymology and the history of the word, I was surprised twice with the ignorance I have about the history of our places.  Orestedes was an ancient tribe around the area of the lake. Orestai means mountainous. Their region was called Orestida, so the lake took their name, Orestiada. There’s … Continue reading one lake for Orestes