DIY Pebble Art Making A Fish Relic

When we visited this summer the cave of the Dragon in Kastoria, a very beautiful well-preserved and organized cave, our excellent tour guide often appealed to our imagination in order to describe and name the impressive forms of the cave. Here were the “curtains”, there was the “fairy”, or the “dragon”, or whatever one could see with his imaginative eyes… And, I was thinking how lucky and blessed are those who work with natural materials, like stones, drift woods, clay, etc. It’s pure magic to transform a lost piece of wood to a boat and a stiff stone to a beautiful creation …

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Pebble Art – Heart Rock In A Shadow Box

Every day I read in the DIY blogs I follow: “100 projects for autumn”, “50 projects for September”, “10 projects for the weekend”… I’m too slow, or too out of focus… ?! Is my creativity in question, if I want to accomplish one project every week and be happy about it?! The truth is this summer my DIY projects went vacation for months and for good! So, I think one step every week is enough for now… And for the beginning, a very easy pebble art project with this year sea treasures that I really enjoy to play and create!

DIY Mother’s Day gift from pebbles

For anyone is following my posts, my love for pebbles and pebble art is known. Beach stones I have collected from the beautiful seashores of Greece and try to combine them in minimal and meaningful forms and shapes. So, for this Mother’s day gift I chose to make a pebble creation. Simple, but elegant, with few materials.

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