Living Room – Cement

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Living Room – Gray Bloom

Living Room - Gray Bloom

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Home Office – Scandi

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10 Drawer Bedside Tables For A Minimal Bedroom

Drawer collage


Bedside tables have a double role in the bedroom. They must be functional and they also should be teamed harmonically with the style of the bedroom. Before buying, it is essential to consider the size of the nightstand. If the bedroom is small, it is better to choose narrow furniture and light hues in order to maximize the feeling of the free space. Here, I gathered some minimal selections of drawer bedside tables that fit perfectly in a bright modern/contemporary bedroom. Some drawers are totally white and others make this beautiful contrast with oak wood legs and details. Surely, they can add a lot of Scandi vibes to your home decor.

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Get The Look: Minimalist & Stylish Living Room With Blush And Gray


From the different shades of pink, when it comes to home decor, blush pink is my favorite. It leaves miles behind rose pink, salmon pink, orchid, fuchsia, hot pink and the other pink shades. Truly, are there fifty shades of pink like gray?

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