Beach Photography. How To Deal With Exposure

Shooting photos on a beach during a summer and midday can be quite challenging and tricky. The basic problem is exposure. Beaches during summer are the brighter landscapes, not only due to the big bright sun but also due to the white sand, which reflects the sun rays and wash all them in the light

The problem with the auto mode of the cameras is that they “read” all this light and underexpose our photos. If you have a manual mode, you can change the levels of exposure and discover, which level meets your desirable standards.

The next tip and trick is told to me by my father. In his youth, he was also experimenting with photography. Of course, back then all were completely manual, but they had the charm and the sweet difficulty of the irreversible fault. When we were on a trip in the beautiful lake Kerkini and I was photographing lakescapes, he advised me to stay under tree’s shadows and shoot from there the sunny lake. The result was very cool, as my camera was metering the light of the shade and wasn’t confused by the brightness of the midday. You can try the same thing in the beach. You can stay under the shade of your umbrella and take photos from there. This works great in the beach sunshine, because brightness doesn’t confuse your camera. 

I photographed these photos in the beautiful beach of Kariani in northern Greece the previous weekend. As I’m visiting this place every summer since I was a little girl, I’m happy to see it becoming more beautiful year after year. The waters are amazingly crystal blue and the sand is so clean due to the efforts of the people that work in the beach bars of this area. As for the scenery, it is stunningly beautiful and tropical. All the photos, except the last one, were taken under the shade of our umbrella. Wish you all a wonderful Wednesday… xo xo!!!



Photo & Notes. Weather And Landscape Photography

Abandonned fishing boat by ioanna papanikolaou S DSC_1279_1969_2005

A few days before a friend uploaded a photo on instagram from my favorite Prespes region only to remind me how differently scapes look not only from season to season, but also from day to day. Weather and light can transform completely the scenery and I think that this is one of the reasons landscape photography is so endlessly. It’s also so inspirational to make series of photos from the same point of view taken in different time and with different weather. The scenes compared would have many things to surprise us!

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climb that mountain

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st.achilleios island, prespes, greece

“Because in the end you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.”
Jack Kerouak

Reading about self-confidence is reading about human training and development. Everyone can become more self-confident through action and practise. Besides, what else is self-confidence than an inner belief that you trust yourself and you can do it? And, this belief is obtained only by successful experiences of new things, especially things that since then you thought them difficult, even impossible; but to succeed, you must attempt not only once. Like toddlers, adults need to test their limits and their potentials, too. Almost every book about self-confidence encourage the reader to attempt a new “dreadful” thing at least once a week. 

Now, I remember that I promised to myself to do that in the past. But if you don’t write your commitment, easily you forget it. Yet, some days, without continuity or stability, following my impulse, I did it. I don’t refer to extreme things that can harm you or put you in danger. I refer to the things we deny to do in order not to get out of our comfort zone. Why to speak; why to seek; why to make an application, or resignation; why to ask a date; why to say no; why to go for a beer or a trip alone; why to move in a different place or country; why to climb that mountain, instead of drinking our coffee in the foothills? For a moment we aren’t wavering back and forth, we are on the top.