Photos And Notes. A springtime breeze

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Wall Art Deco. Ansel Adams’ mastery of black and white photography

My door series in throw pillows!!!

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My door series is now available in Redbubble. You can have it in many products photographic prints, posters, framed, canvas and metal prints, greeting cards and phone cases.
the white and green door by by-jwp
the white and green door by-jwp [ioanna papanikolaou]
available now in Redbubble

But, I find really wonderful the idea of the doors in cushion and throw pillows. 
the teal door  by by-jwp
the teal door by-jwp [ioanna papanikolaou]
available now in Redbubble

They create such an expetional home decoration and some of them are so summery!
the aqua door by by-jwp
the aqua door by-jwp [ioanna papanikolaou]
available now in Redbubble

They are ideal both for your living room or outdoor decoration.
the red door by by-jwp
the red door  by-jwp [ioanna papanikolaou]
available now in Redbubble

You can find many diffent colors and kinds of traditional Greek doors. For further information and questions, please contact with me.

our own understanding of history

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rotunda • thessaloniki • greece

The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”

I am walking in the center of Thessaloniki for many years as a student firstly and afterwards as an inhabitant and I am always impressed by its monuments no matter how many times I pass by them. They always give a distinctive flair to my memories. Waiting beside the Arch of Gallerius (Kamara) in Egnatia Street my good friends from university for the last meet before the summer vacation, for example. The everyday life and its incidents somehow have a different gravity, when they happen near these imposing monuments. But, I never really thought them as a whole. 

This Saturday we were near Rotonda and our little son wanted to walk and run in its yard. So, we visited it after a long time (note that the admission is free anyway). And, when we came back and I started dusting up historic texts and books, in order to write a few words with my photos, I came upon an information that I never thought. 

When we talk in Thessaloniki about Gallerian Symplex, the most of us think the few remains that are saved in Dimitriou Gounari Street (Plateia Navarinou) from the palace of Gallerius and the ancient hippodrome. But, in fact, the Arch of Gallerius (Kamara as we call it in Thessaloniki) and the Rotonda (or Rotunda), which later in Byzantine times was transformed to the church of Ayios Georgios, are all elements of a whole architecture symplex around the palace of Gallerius. Rotonda was built in 309 AD to be used either as a mausoleum of Gallerius or as a temple of Zeus. Unfortunately, this connection is not obvious not only for the tourists that visit the monuments, but also for the locals who live around. And, it is a little sad, because when you think all these monuments as a whole, your understanding of the history is enriched and changes to the better.


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guggenheim museum • bilbao • spain

“Nothing in the world can bother you as much as your own mind, I tell you. In fact, others seem to be bothering you, but it is not others, it is your own mind.”
Sri Sri Ravi Shanka

There is a koan about trivial questions. A man named Shinkan was studying Tendai and Zen for many years, more than forty. When he returned to his country, Japan, he wanted people to visit him and ask him strange questions, but he seldom gave answers to them. One day a fifty-year-old student said to Shinkan that from all his study to Tendai, he can’t understand one thing; how grass and trees would be enlightened according to Tendai. Then, Shinkan, who rarely spoke, asked the student of what use was is to discuss how grass and trees would become enlightened. “The question,” he said, “is how you yourself can become so?” And he sent the student back to his home to think about that.

We often give to trivial matters great importance and we stuck on them. Trivial refers mainly to the meaning of uselessness and unimportance, not to how small or big is a matter. A detail can be crucial; a trivial matter will always be so insignificant. And, although we don’t want to admit them, they cause to us stress, frustration and bad temper. That means they are for a reason important to us. To set the critical question in the right perspective is the first step to the right direction; not why these trivial may or may not happen, but if they have any usefullness for me and what can I gain advantage from them. Then, the frustration gives its place to a plan of action, not to a passive discomfort, and this clear view push us only forward to the significant of our lives.