Online Lessons: Daily Art Challenge with Creativebug and Pam Garisson

Happy new week, everyone!

You know my love for nature, flowers, and floral patterns. And, I always embrace and support any creative form of arts and crafts. Today, I gladly share with you the new Daily Art Challenge with Creativebug and avid art journaler, painter, and artistic explorer, Pam Garisson.


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Spring Monogram Letter

Good morning ! Have a great new month ! The first of spring ! Although the weather here is still little moody, no one can deny the eagerness for shiny spring days. A very easy drawing project to welcome spring and cheerfully decorate your wall, is a floral monogram letter. You will need a white sheet, some colors of the kind you are convenient (pencils, or pens, or watercolors, or oil colors, or acrylics, etc.) and a photo frame. You can make a little internet searching to decide the form of your letter and then draw in the center and add a lot of small flowers around. And, the spring monogram is ready for framing and hanging! 

Doodle Heart For Valentine’s Day


Happy month! Happy February! Although I’m not so the Valentine type, all these hearts that filled the blogs I follow, put me in the mood! To frame a heart is a project full of possibilities, using any available material. I liked every project I saw, from a plain, one-colored heart on a white sheet to a wooden heart composition with pallets. 
Yet, somehow doodling haunted my inspiration. 

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