DIY • Easy Sunburst Mirror

TITLE DIY SUNBURST MIRROR by ioanna papanikolaou _CSC1226

I never thought that it would be so easy to make a sunburst mirror and especially a mirror that would seem nice from very close. The inspiration came from Healthy, Wealthy and Diy’s blog and I decided to transform a beautiful handmade round mirror that the last three years was hidden in my closet because it didn’t match with our current furniture and home decoration. So, the first step was to paint it silver and the second step was to change it to a sunburst mirror in order to hang it over our fireplace. My main problem to this project was that I don’t use spray paint because I can’t handle their flow and I don’t like their smell. Fortunately, the result was very good despite the fact I used acrylics and the bamboo sticks for rays, which here in Greece are the synonym of our famous food “souvlaki”, made the project very affordable.

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DIY • Easy Glass Tile Mirror Frame

DIY glass tile mirror frame by ioanna papanikolaou _CSC1363 (5)

All started with a photo on Pinterest that I found when I was searching examples of sunburst mirrors. Then, I remembered two glass mosaic tiles we had bought in order to decorate our fireplace, but later we changed our minds and didn’t use them. It was the kind of a purchase that you return to your home only to discover your mistake and say: “OK! It’s very beautiful but still useless”…

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DIY Tutorial Upcycling An Old Frame

what I will need old framed mirror an aluminum tape a brush an oil or acrylic paint  silicone steps 1• Cover the entire frame with the aluminum tape. It’s better to let the tape shrink in different points. Then, press it with your hands, to stick well everywhere. 2• Put little color on the brush and pass the frame lightly. Put more attention only in the points that the tape ceases, to make it seem old. 3• Wipe the surface with some fabric, to erase the lines of the brush. 4• Put little silicone all around the edge of the mirror, where is connected … Continue reading DIY Tutorial Upcycling An Old Frame