DIY Easy Wire Christmas Wreath


This is not an ordinary Christmas wreath with evergreen leaves and impressive decoration. The inspiration came from an image on Pinterest. It is known to all my blog friends that I love vintage book paper and wire, so it was impossible not to give a try to this lovely unconventional wreath made by simple materials and minimal aesthetic.

20 + 1 Different Items And Ideas To Organize Jewelry

photo credit: jwp on Flickr

Organizing jewelry and accessories is one of home organizing riddles. The idea of organizing them properly in a practical order and in a place that we can use them every time is always challenging. Recently I’ve decided to use a dreamcatcher for my long earrings, which are plenty and always end up in a box untidy. Here I share with you a big list of everyday items and DIY ideas that everyone can make and use easily to organize all the jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc).

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DIY Crafts • Easy Paper Cherry Blossoms

Natural elements will always have a unique beauty that is irreplaceable. Yet, now that blossoms are becoming rare in my region, following their growing circle, I’m on the search of finding ways to make artificial bouquets for our spring and Easter decoration. I chose a very easy tutorial from all these I found because it is understandable and so easy!

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DIY Christmas Paper Star Ornaments

Scrapbooking papers, or old magazines, or some, completely useless or destroyed books, glue and small decorative objects, like little stars or strass. That’s all you need. The images speak for themselves. Perhaps the easiest vintage paper star ornament to decorate the Christmas tree, the mantel, or a wall, to make an impressive paper garland, or a unique gift wrapping. Firstly published at Continue reading DIY Christmas Paper Star Ornaments

DIY Tutorial Upcycling An Old Frame

what I will need old framed mirror an aluminum tape a brush an oil or acrylic paint  silicone steps 1• Cover the entire frame with the aluminum tape. It’s better to let the tape shrink in different points. Then, press it with your hands, to stick well everywhere. 2• Put little color on the brush and pass the frame lightly. Put more attention only in the points that the tape ceases, to make it seem old. 3• Wipe the surface with some fabric, to erase the lines of the brush. 4• Put little silicone all around the edge of the mirror, where is connected … Continue reading DIY Tutorial Upcycling An Old Frame

DIY A Bulletin Board With Wine Corks

It’s wonderful to use everything in order to make useful things. I always gathered wine corks and finally I found the way to make something wonderful with them so easily. I will need few wine corks a large photo frame silicone gun hot silicone glue, transparent kitchen knife acrylic paints (optional)   Steps Cut the wine corks into 3-4 slices. Remove any glass or other paper layers from the photo frame. Leave only its backing board. Try to put the corks in an order that covers all the backing board. Glue the corks’ slices one next to another. Cut slices … Continue reading DIY A Bulletin Board With Wine Corks