DIY Easy Winter Decor With Vases

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Easy DIY Vases And Candle Holders • Clear & Glassy Home Decor

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A home clear is a continuous question for every house literally. But now, there is also a decor trending for clear furniture that refers to transparent creations. Tables, chairs, decorative items, all diaphanous and glassy. 
This style surely lightens our indoor space and adds minimalistic simplicity in our home. I really love them and I’m seriously thinking our next dining table to have clear chairs.

The other cozy thing with this trend is that with simple items anyone can add highlights of clearness everywhere.

Bottles, glasses and jars are easily transformed to beautiful vases and candle holders. 

It’s not something that needs sophistication, or complicated DIY projects. Just add in elegant bottles, glasses and jars beautiful flowers and plants, or white candles.