DIY Snowy Pine Cones

After years of crafting, I separate DIY projects into three categories: easy and useful, beautiful but so much wasting time, and “so you” in order to be neglected, yet difficult. The previous years I have made many DIY Christmas ornaments and decorations. Some of them have survived, some were donated, but a lot of them didn’t make it. So, this year I decided to spend my time on a project that will be easy, practical and useful. Continue reading “DIY Snowy Pine Cones”

DIY Crafts • Creative Photo Frame Display


With the digital technology it’s so easy to take a lot of photos and also so easy to store them in many devices; mobiles, memory cards, tablets, laptop. Fortunately, there are digital photo frames to load all our captures and allow them appear in our space. But, I really like and the other way, the old-fashioned one; to make photo displays.

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