Bedroom – Earthy

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Under $500 Bedroom

Under $500 Bedroom


Nate berkus lamp
€45 –

H M charcoal bedding
€93 –

Inspirational home decor

Paper High Fair Trade Plain Leather Journals
€9,28 –

Storage end table
€57 –

Baxton Studio midcentury modern chair
€105 –

Print sunglasses
€26 –

Bedroom – Industrial Decoration

The industrial style usually plays with gray hues, metal and natural wood surfaces, and black accessories. Here, a Polyvore collage teaming all these in order to decorate the bedroom with rough, yet atmospheric style. Wish you all a beautiful day … xo xo!!! Jo_



Bedroom - Industrial

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Bedroom • Beach

It is amazing how many decorative items inspired by the beach are available. It’s really an endless theme with endless combinations. Here a suggestion for the bedroom that is promising a relaxing style, like being in vacations!!! Wish you all an easy-going week … xo xo!!! Jo_

Bedroom - Beach


Dot Bo nautical table lamp
€57 –

Duvet cover
€88 –

La Grolla mirror
€50 –

Beach wall art

Dot Bo coastal home decor
€37 –

Beach home decor
€7,34 –

Privilege nautical home decor
€67 –

GREEN white queen bed
€270 –

White accent table
€45 –

Bedroom • Silver Lining

Clouds are one of my favourite themes in photos and artworks. I always capture with my camera interesting cloudscapes, isolated or in a landscape. Fluffy white clouds, dramatic sunset clouds… It’s a theme usual because we see it every single day, yet still unique as there are no two identical clouds, like the snowflakes. Here, inspired by the quote “Every cloud has a silver lining”, I combine the freshness of the fluffy white clouds and the light blue sky with silver textures and decorative items in a home set for the bedroom. Hope you find it interesting … xo xo !!! Jo_

Bedroom - Silver Lining

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