Cute Wooden Ornaments For A Natural Christmas Tree Decoration

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Holiday Decorations: Minimal White

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Creative and Impressive Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas

I have always considered challenging to find the right gift for the right person and I have always loved to wrap it with a beautiful and unique way. It really brings me great joy and shows those I care.

In the last years, internet, craft and DIY blogging and Pinterest have lifted gift wrapping to a kind of art and craft. And, one of the things I really enjoy when I have some time to relax during Christmas preparations and other obligations, it’s to scroll down pinterest and find new gift wrapping ideas, playful and extraordinary.

This year I chose kraft paper to wrap the gifts for my nephews and nieces. Kraft paper can wrap beautifully boxes and packages with odd shapes, like these I’ve chosen for our kids. And, with extraordinary trimmings and gift tags, their look became awesome. I’ve used gift tags from recycled cardboard, colorful ribbons, string, dried plant’s parts and small paper stars that I glued on them. In one package, I cut the paper in many Christmas trees of different sizes and I glued them on it with a small star on their top.






Thus, wrapping Christmas gifts can become a lovely tradition that all the family can participate – I had my little helper to this – and put, even more, heart, joy, and creativity on the gifts for our beloved ones!!!

Happy Holidays to all … xoxo !!!


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Christmas Wreath Ideas

Image Credit: Pixabay
Traditionally, Christmas wreaths are displayed in four different ways: in the doorway, in the mantel, in the windows and on the wall above the dining table. Choosing the perfect wreath could become puzzling. Shape, size, and colors are the three characteristics we must consider. The wreath must be combined in harmony with its background, not too big or too small for the doorway or the mantel. The other important factor is the color. The color of your doorway could define the color of your Christmas wreath following the general color rules. On a white door, every color except white, would look impressive. A red wreath would be combined harmonically on a white or a brown doorway. Green wreath would look great on a bright door. Silver, or gold would lighten up a dark door. The way Christmas wreaths interact with their background is always charming!

photo by Rob (redwood 1), on Flickr