The Winner of The Tote Bag Giveaway And A Surprisingly Touching Post



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Ef Zin In My Hands

Efzin in my hands by ioanna papanikolaou CSC_1149

I think I’ve made thousand of outfits with this small cute cross made by EfzinCreations. You can see them all in my Polyvore page. I have this romantic view about handmade items; that they carry a piece of their creator inside. And, Zina confirms that with the best way as she is one of the amazing people I had the chance to meet through blogging. Reading her blog and following her crafts and DIY tutorials, it was easy to fall in love in many of her creations, not to say all of them. So, I use these small items not only because they are pretty cute, but they also carry the energy of their creator: generous, joyful and gentle. Moreover, they have this magic name that in ancient Greek means well-being, to live (“ζην<ζω”) well (“ευ”).

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My Secret Santa …

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Christmas period is over for sure, but a week after its end I’m still trying to return back in our everyday routine… Holidays for us means travelling from the one edge of the country to the other in order to join and celebrate with our families. Fortunately we’ve made it, despite the difficult weather…

But, this Christmas had also a very special event for my blog, as for the first time I participated in a blogger’s team project with a very joyous theme; Secret Santa that was organized by Zina of Ef Zin Creations blog and Tzia of One Perfect Day blog. A project of Christmas gifts exchange that really gave me great joy and took me back to my childhood …

And, one day a very pretty crafty parcel with the cautious warning: “Your Secret Santa is here!!!” delivered in my hands from a very talented girl named Dimitra!!! I immediately thought: “This smells like Decor Asylum‘s business”!!! Of course, I had to wait until the night to open it, not because of a kind of tradition, but to save it from three years-old “Bob the builder”…☺!!!

And,  when I finally opened it, I was amazed by the care that Dimitra had shown to package her beautiful crafts with artistic tender. A gray handmade tray by felt with a lovely small mushroom and many handmade Christmas ornaments by white clay !!! All so fantastic and well-made!!! Like her wonderful blog, Decor Asylum, and her amazing and stylish DIY projects !!! What else a DIY blogger to ask from Santa and Christmas?!!! 

Thank you so much Dimitra for your unique gifts !!! Of course, I will keep them all the year hanged on the wall of my home office desk!!! And, thank you so much Zina and Tzia for this wonderful opportunity !!! Wish you all have a happy and creative DIY New Year !!! And, you can find Dimitra in her gorgeous blog and her social media pages:

blog: Decor Asylum