My 13 Fav Veronica Roth Quotes From Divergent Trilogy

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My 13 Fav Quotes About Sea And Ocean To Inspire You


Through centuries the sea and the ocean remain an endless source of inspiration for authors, poets, and artists. In this post, I’ve gathered my favorite quotes about this powerful and mysterious element of our planet.

the cure

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16 Inspiring Quotes For Being Yourself

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Last week I heard the sad news of Chris Cornell’s death. Chris Cornell was the frontman singer, musician, and songwriter of Soundgarden and Audioslave rock bands and he had participated in many other brilliant projects. He was also one of my favorite singers. There was no way to hear his voice singing and not feel thrilled and be moved. It’s still a pity that talented people like him choose to leave this world with one or another way.

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My 10 Fav Quotes To Get Motivated

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All the days don’t start with the same bright way. And, this post is for these days that things seem to move too slowly. And, for the moments that we feel still and disappointed. A normal procedure has its ups and downs. Then, I return in my favorite motivational quotes. I reorder my thoughts in the right direction and I keep going …

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