Fall Scenes Wall Art & A Huge Sale In My Society6 Shop

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Photos & Notes. Love Is A Temple On A Mystical Beach.

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Photos & Notes: Shoot Something Simple

The truth is that when you are obsessed with photography you want to shoot everything and anytime. Fortunately, my husband has the same passion for analogic photography and my 6 years-old son has an extensive curiosity for everything. So, they understand my madness. And, when mom takes out the eggs from the fridge to make a ham and cheese omelet, they find it usual that she stops everything in order to take a few shots of the eggs first. Of course, these were not just any chicken eggs. They were home-raised by my parents-in-law in their village. They were small, perfectly similar and had a harmonious color degradation. The first was beige, the second light beige, and the third all white. I loved both color and the BW photos for their minimalistic elegance.

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My Top Ten Sold Society6 Items For April 2017


Grateful, thankful, and so humbled… I have written it before. A huge thank you to all those who have chosen my artworks and designs for their home and this month!!!

I would say it is not easy and it needs devotion and time. Yet, I keep saying to myself, “Don’t quit! … This is the D R E A M !” And, it couldn’t become true without this warm support and trust and, of course, without Society6. Thank you all so much!!!

Here, I gathered my top ten sold Society6 art prints and home accessories for April.

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My 8 Favorite Quotes About Raindrops And Rain

Raindrops Colors by ARTbyJWP on Flickr

Spring rains have something brilliantly refreshing. They don’t recall melancholic thoughts nor spread a sense of darkness like the autumn rains do. Spring rains offer to nature’s colors impressive vibrancy and reward the soil with the odor of fertility. My last photos of raindrops upon green leaves inspired me to remember and gather my favorite quotes about raindrops and rain.  I hope to find them inspiring, too!

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