My Top Ten Sold Society6 Items For March 2017


I will never stop feeling grateful, thankful, and so humbled to all those who have chosen my artworks and designs for their home. It is a dream that couldn’t become true without this warm support and trust and, of course, without Society6. A big big thank you to all!!! Here, I gathered my top ten sold Society6 art prints and home accessories for March.

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New Society6 Get Cozy Up Sale + Free Woldwide Shipping

I have written again that Society6 is one of my favorite places to share the prints of my photography and artworks. Not only it offers high-quality art prints and other cool products, but Society6 also makes huge sales frequently and it combines them with free worldwide shipping that is so amazing.

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DIY • Easy Wall Hanging Macrame

Definitely, macrame isn’t something new for me. I remember myself around 16 years old to knit a whole backpack with rope. It was the year that my mother was teaching ways of macrame knittings to other women and when she was practicing at home, we were learning from her. But before this, back in late ’80, I remember my mother making macrame lampshades, pot hangers, and curtains. In our first home with my hubby, I had put one of this lampshades in the kitchen and it was really beautiful. I must find it again and show it to you in the future.

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Photos & Notes. Cichorium.


I always praise photography for changing the way I see the world, but sometimes I wonder if this change is only due to photography? Being raised in an urban environment in the 80’s and 90’s, when nature was taken so for granted and was considered so “out”, as the domain pop culture was occurring in completely different places. Terms like global warming, environmentally friendly habits, natural living, etc. were discussed only in a theoretical level, in the essays we were writing for exams .

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Photos And Notes. Landscape photography in the Prespes Lakes.

Follow me on Facebook • Google+ • Bloglovin’ St. Achilles island • Prespes • Greece “Living is being happy: seeing, hearing, touching,…, diving into water and gazing at the sky, laughing and crying” Milan Kundera, The book of Laughter and Forgetting A walk on the hills of Saint Achilleios in the Small Prespa Lake can make everyone feel so great, even for the simplest things; for the fact that we breathe, we see, we walk peacefully and live. The clear atmosphere, the stunning view, the combination of different elements and colors create so easily an uplifting feeling. From the clear blue of sky and water, … Continue reading Photos And Notes. Landscape photography in the Prespes Lakes.