My Eight Favorite French Quotes To Inspire You



The first month of the year found me trying to organize everything, decluttering the old and staying focus to the new. My New Year’s resolutions about blogging, like to post new content at least twice per week, faded quickly. The time I spent re-organizing my Society6 portfolio was exhausting and it didn’t leave me the latitudes for anything else. Yet, I repeat to myself what I say to my 5-year-old son when he loses in a game and he is feeling upset. It’s not possible to win always and succeed in everything from the first time; just don’t give up. You have to try and try again until you succeed excellence.

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My 10 Fav Quotes To Get Motivated

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All the days don’t start with the same bright way. And, this post is for these days that things seem to move too slowly. And, for the moments that we feel still and disappointed. A normal procedure has its ups and downs. Then, I return in my favorite motivational quotes. I reorder my thoughts in the right direction and I keep going …

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