Fmtech Award Very Nice Blog

I want to thank so much the “Folate di vento caldo” blog for the “Fmtech Award Very Nice Blog“. I feel really flattered and I highly appreciate it. My blog here in WordPress is quite new and I’m happy to find interesting blogs and art and design lovers, like Folatediventocaldo and time2lifestyle. Information about Fmetch award you can find here.


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Ef Zin In My Hands

Efzin in my hands by ioanna papanikolaou CSC_1149

I think I’ve made thousand of outfits with this small cute cross made by EfzinCreations. You can see them all in my Polyvore page. I have this romantic view about handmade items; that they carry a piece of their creator inside. And, Zina confirms that with the best way as she is one of the amazing people I had the chance to meet through blogging. Reading her blog and following her crafts and DIY tutorials, it was easy to fall in love in many of her creations, not to say all of them. So, I use these small items not only because they are pretty cute, but they also carry the energy of their creator: generous, joyful and gentle. Moreover, they have this magic name that in ancient Greek means well-being, to live (“ζην<ζω”) well (“ευ”).

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SeVeN Inspiring and Useful Links For Father’s Day

Photo credit: Pixabay Shakespeare wrote that it’s a wise father that knows his own child. Thinking vice versa, how much do we really know our dads? Despite our thousand and thousand discussions, I believe that there is still more room to know, to learn and understand.  These are my favourite articles and links for this special day: ••• What Father Does Best by OP-ART on ••• This Dad’s Pictures With His 3-Year-Old Show Just How Hilarious It Is To Be A Father on ••• Top ten books for Father’s Day on ••• The Importance of Fathers in the Healthy … Continue reading SeVeN Inspiring and Useful Links For Father’s Day

Blogging • Tips To Find And Upload New Blogger Template

Credit: Pixabay

I’m again away from my ‘base’ in a short trip back to my hometown. This means that it’s difficult to post a new DIY project. There are too little time, space and materials in order to create something new here. So, I made a kind of a digital DIY.

For the first time, I’ve tried to change completely my classic Blogger template and upload a new blogger template in its place. I’ve already done it in my Tumblr and WordPress blogs, but it’s a brand new field for my Blogger “home”.

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Seven Inspirational Articles and Links for Mother’s Day

Follow me on Facebook • Google+ • Bloglovin’ Happy Mother’s Day to all sweet mothers!!! We all knew the importance of motherhood (fathers usually feel somehow invisible when it’s about Mom’s love …). Sometimes we take all these things of motherhood and parenthood for granted like spoiled children who live in the center of their parent’s world.  Photo Credit: Pixabay But, I must admit that after becoming mother myself, I realised that it’s not just another stage of life and a family-making decision. It’s a whole transformation. You are not the same person you used to be; your needs and desires are rearranged in a … Continue reading Seven Inspirational Articles and Links for Mother’s Day

And my Secret Bunny is …

Follow me on Facebook • Google+ • Bloglovin’ The Secret Bunny is a wonderful game with gift exchange that fabulous Zina from Efzin-Creations blog has organized for the Easter as a continuing of the Christmas gift exchange, The Secret Santa. My Secret Bunny has arrived early I guess considering that I sent my participation late and will surely arrive to its recipient after Easter. And, my Secret Bunny proved to be very secret because the assistant in the Post Office was searching about fifteen minutes to find it … What Secret Bunny would be if it had to be revealed immediately?!  The amazing Marina from the … Continue reading And my Secret Bunny is …

SeVeN • My weekly review of favorite links and articles 03.15


It’s a quite busy Sunday and this week will probably be very busy, too. I guess you have the same feeling as the Easter holidays approach. Fortunately, I found the time and I managed to complete my weekly list of favorite links and articles despite the time pressure. I hope you like them and find them useful and interesting!

I. 18 Struggles Of Having An Outgoing Personality But Actually Being Shy And Introverted by Brianna Wiest on

This is one of the things that always puzzled me. I don’t know if it’s possible to have an extrovert personality although you are shy. But many things written on this article really match some of my thoughts and feelings. That’s why I included it to my list in order to share the idea of this possibility no matter how bizarre it sounds. What do you think? Could one be outgoing and introvert at the same time?

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SeVeN • My weekly review of favorite links and articles 03.08

  Although this week had started with hot sunny days promising a spring full of beauty and glory, from Thursday the weather turned our days back to winter; dull and cloudy with unstoppable rain. That’s OK as long as we can stay home with a cup of hot coffee in our hands and near the fireplace. Did you know that the average number of thoughts that our brain makes is 70.000 per day? I read it this week and I stayed speechless. Where my rest 69.950 thoughts are hidden? At least with this weekly review, I can keep a track … Continue reading SeVeN • My weekly review of favorite links and articles 03.08