30 Instagram Accounts For A Daily Dose Of Scandi Deco Inspiration


Hello, everyone. I hope to find you all well. You know that one of my passions is the Scandinavian style in design and decoration. In this post, I gathered up to 30 Instagram accounts that I follow for my daily dose of inspiration around the Scandinavian lifestyle.

What is Scandinavian style?

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How To Make Life Simple Again

Image Credit: Pixabay

Happy new week everyone!

It is true that sometimes we invent 60000 ways to make our life complicated. So, the best way to start a new week is to think positively and be inspired by motivational stories for a simple life. This post refers to an interesting article I found on Marc & Angel Hack Life with the title 60 Ways To Make Life Simple Again.

I was surprised to read my life’s struggles gathered in less than a hundred sentences. And, their answer is so simple but this is the hard part in life, to be simple and precise yet fulfilled.

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10 Minimal Fashion Blogs To Follow In 2017


One of the essentials things to do as a blogger is to read blogs that reflect your taste in subjects and aesthetics. This is something I often forget during weekdays when I’m running to catch up all the work and obligations I have. But, during the weekends, time flows slower and it gives me this great chance to make a cup of coffee and spend some time reading what other bloggers write and see what they are presenting or photographing. Here, I gathered some of my favorite fashion blogs, always minimal, that will offer you a lot of inspiration for your new blogging year. The order is random and I hope you will enjoy them all:

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