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Easter Eggs



10 Minimal Fashion Blogs To Follow In 2017


One of the essentials things to do as a blogger is to read blogs that reflect your taste in subjects and aesthetics. This is something I often forget during weekdays when I’m running to catch up all the work and obligations I have. But, during the weekends, time flows slower and it gives me this great chance to make a cup of coffee and spend some time reading what other bloggers write and see what they are presenting or photographing. Here, I gathered some of my favorite fashion blogs, always minimal, that will offer you a lot of inspiration for your new blogging year. The order is random and I hope you will enjoy them all:

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Ten Minimalist Instagram Accounts To Inspire You

Image Credit: Pixabay

Instagram is the playground of inspiration whether one just loves photography, arts, fashion, and decor, or also wants to stay informed of the latest trends in all these fields and many others. Moreover, Instagram is a great source for lifestyle and blogging pics to reinforce our imagination and creativity. In this post, I gathered my ten favorite minimalist Instagram accounts that I follow and I get a lot of inspiration in order to enrich my photography, collages, and creations!

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