Low-Cost Outdoors Decorating Ideas


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Photo by Sonnie Hiles on Unsplash


Outdoors – Natural Comfort

Outdoors - Natural Comfort

Improvements outdoor wicker patio furniture
€260 – improvementscatalog.com

Outdoor patio umbrella
€95 – overstock.com

French pot
€25 – wayfair.com

Garden decor
€27 – trouva.com

Ceramic pot
€13 – amazon.com

Throw pillow

Farmhouse home decor
€13 – crackerbarrel.com

Oriental furniture
€120 – cymax.com

Tips for Creating the Perfect Summer Party

A guest post by Home Improvement Leads

There’s a reason the saying “hostess with the mostess” exists. Hosting a party is no easy task, and there’s that constant desire to want to be the best. Whether you’re going to be the host or hostess of the next big summer party, we at Home Improvement Leads have a few tips to enhance your party potential. Here are a few ideas to inspire your next big bash!