Painting A Polyptych Rainbow Tribal Tree

Hello, everyone! I hope that you are all feeling great that it’s already Friday! I’m on preparations for a short trip to my hometown for the elections, but this is not the issue. This post is about my previous trip there in the first days of September and a chance to share with you, my other passion, except photography and DIY, which is to paint, paint, and paint …!!!
September is a month of many celebrations for our family because both my father and my sister have their birthdays and my nephews, Aspasia and Sofia, have their name celebrations (Sofia was celebrating yesterday). So, before two weeks, my sister Helen had a big request for her birthday present, a painting for her dining room. With two babies in less than five years, her home decoration went a little back for them. She chose the theme, a big tribal tree in vibrant ethnic colors, and I’ve taken the decision to make an hexaptych, a painting divided into six sections. 

During summer, I had the chance to make small paintings for friends and relatives, but not a really big one. And, I was so happy to make a big painting again after a long time despite the fact that I had to finish it in less than one day and use a different palette than my usual. The other challenge was to paint six different canvas sections as one painting and have our curious kids being eager to help… I left them put some small brushes here and there and then I gave them papers to make their own paintings ☺!!! Moreover, it was a little awkward for me to paint a tree, the symbol of life and family, with all the family around and with my Mum’s health quest running. It was a strange feeling like something different was taking place; like we were all playing in an American movie with the underside hope to a happy ending … 
And, the painting was over after four to five hours. If you ask me, I would need few more hours to make more of my things … and, of course, to take some photos during this process, which I didn’t :(!!! The dimensions are 120x60cm, but with the spaces between it reaches almost the 150cm. And, I used acrylics in order to dry quickly. I think that I would enjoy it more with oil paints! 
So, what do you think? Would you choose so vibrant colors for your home? My 4-year-old nephew, Sofia, said that she likes it a lot because it’s a really funny tree!!! I hope gradually to upload the rest of my paintings on ARTbyJWP Etsy shop now that I’ve started actually functioning it … ☺!!! Wish you all a beautiful weekend and take care… xo xo!!!